Plan the Perfect Fall Getaway

Summer is not the only time for vacation and travel.

Fall is an excellent time of year to get away for some downtime. It’s our favorite season of the year, and the time we like to vacation.

A few reasons fall may be a better time for a getaway would include…

  1. Better temperatures! It’s cooler in many regions of the US, which makes for more enjoyable outdoor activities.
  2. Less crowded. Kids are back in school, and people are back to work after the summer vacation season. There’s just not as many people out, so you feel less rushed.
  3. Less expensive. Many hotels and attractions take advantage of the busy summer season with their higher rates. You can likely find some deals in the off season and save some money. Shop around.
Wooden dock on autumn lake
Wooden dock with chairs on calm fall lake

In planning your getaway, you first want to select your destination. Given the season, many enjoy going to places where they can see the autumn colors in full display. Depending on the region of the country you go, the colors change at different rates. Check a fall color change map to find out the peak color time frame.

Rent a Car

If you fly to your destination, you’ll definitely want to rent a car so you can get to those special spots quickly. It allows you to be on your own schedule and go when you want, where you want.

Take the Road Less Traveled

Sure, you’ll want to hit the popular spots most vacationers are drawn to. But it’s so much fun to go off the beaten path. Take some of those country roads off the main roads. See where they lead. We’ve learned you can discover some incredible places and views if you’ll just hit the backroads.

Travel During the Week

Weekends are typically the busier times as more people come in after the work week. But if you’ll take the time during the week, it’s less crowded, the pace is slower, and as I mentioned earlier, more economical. Many hotels have a weekday rate that is lower than the weekend rate. Just ask when you call to inquire about reservations.

fall fishingGo Local

Ask locals where they like to eat. Ask them about their favorite places to shop and recreate. Everyone goes to the tourist traps, but the locals know the best of everything in their town. Their recommendations will usually take you on some of those backroads mentioned earlier, and you’ll be glad you asked. Interacting with the locals is an excellent way of really getting the flavor of the place you’re visiting.

If it’s fall foliage you’re really after, click here to see some excellent recommended destinations around the US.


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