Need a Good Bag?

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We all have stuff we need to carry around with us. Sometimes it’s more than your pockets can hold. You need a bag.

When going to work, going on the road, or dropping by the coffee shop to get some things done while you sip your java beverage, you need something to contain and protect your necessary gear and gadgets.

Messenger bags are a popular choice for taking your laptop, power cord, notebooks, pens, etc. where you need to use them. But what if you just need to take along a minimum of stuff, like just your tablet and journal?

That’s where the handy satchel comes in. It’s small enough to be easy to carry, but spacious enough to take the few needed tools to accomplish your task.

img_0776I’ve had this satchel for several years, and everywhere I carry it, some guy will remark about how cool it is or ask where I got it. That lets me know I am not the only one who appreciates the convenience and style of a satchel.

I take it on the road and to work spots around town. It contains my iPad with attached keyboard, journal, an extra pen, and ear pods–everything I need to do what I do.

The specific one I have is likely no longer in production–and if you were wondering, I got it at a name brand outlet store–but there are several that are very similar in style and features.

Check out these suggestions below. Just click the link to check out each one.

Lanspace Small Messenger Bag

Ibagbar Vintage Cotton Canvas Shoulder Satchel

Leather Shoulder Bag Satchel


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