Versatile Men’s Outerwear for This Fall

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Jackets are excellent statements of personal style as well as being a practical piece in any man’s wardrobe. This article covers some of the popular styles of men’s outerwear for fall of 2017.

The hooded windbreaker or anorak

Lightweight and stylish, this versatile pullover will block those chilly breezes on your early morning or evening walks. If you were a runner a few years back, the anorak was part of the ensemble for a runner’s outerwear. They’re making a comeback for this season.

anorakThese jackets are packable even in your smallest weekend bag, so they’re ideal for travel. You never know when an unseasonably cool morning or evening can sneak up on you when you’re on an excursion, but you’ll be prepared and looking good with this versatile jacket.

Wool shirt jacket

Definitely a causal piece, but oh, so comfy. It’s like an extra shirt, just a little thicker. They come in solids or all sorts of plaid colors, so you can get your lumberjack on.

shirt jacketThe shirt jacket is perfect for outdoor chores, yard work, or on the job site. It works great as a layer on those even colder days out.

Denim jacket

The denim jacket, or trucker’s jacket, as it’s sometimes called, has been in and out of men’s fashion over the years. Looks like it’s back this year.

denim jacketOwning one as a kid, it was like a badge of honor to have one that had faded after numerous washings and was a bit scuffed from so much wear. But as I remember, it wasn’t all that warm. That’s because mine was not lined.

If you’re just going for a fashion statement, unlined is fine. But if you want function with that fashion, I’d suggest going with the lined version.

Varsity jacket

A throwback for sure, the varsity jacket, with its wool body and leather arms, stands apart. Letting your girlfriend wear yours was the sign of “going steady” in the day.

letterman-jacketsNot for the more formal occasions for sure, but the varsity jacket offers great comfort and warmth. Available in a variety of colors, you can show some team spirit at the local ballgames.

Leather jacket

You just can’t go wrong with a leather jacket. It should be a staple in your fall/winter wardrobe.

Leather just looks incredible and feels amazing. When cared for properly, a leather jacket will be your companion for many years. As it ages, it gains character and appeal.

leather jacketThis versatile jacket can be worn on practically every occasion. Wear it with a T-shirt, a sweater, or dress shirt and tie, it doesn’t really matter. Your leather jacket will be a frequent go-to in your wardrobe.

Fleece jacket/pullover

For several years now, the fleece jacket has been quite common in the cooler weather. And for good reason. It’s soft texture and comfy warmth appeals even to most rugged of dudes. So, fleece isn’t fading in popularity anytime soon it seems.

fleece-jacket-2These outer coverings come in a variety of styles, from the full zip vest, to a full zip jacket, to the pullover with partial or no zipper at all. They come in a wide variety of colors, too, so you can stand out or you can blend in.

Cooler weather is coming, and now you can be ready to face it in comfort and style.


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