Java Junkie

What’s with coffee these days? People are doing all kinds of weird things with it. They put ice in it, whipped cream on top, candy sprinkles, etc. to make a frappa-concoction that’ll set you back six bucks!

I remember when coffee was a “grown-up” drink. My grandparents let me sip coffee at their house while I waited for the school bus. I’m not sure if my parents would have approved, but I never asked for coffee at home, and they never offered. My grandpa said coffee would put hair on your chest, so it was macho thing for a ten-year old boy. It must have worked.

To a diehard caffeine addict, it’s almost sacreligious to do much more than savor it in its purest form, freshly brewed and steamy hot.  I’m such a coffee nerd, I have coffee table books about coffee–and I’ve read them!  I buy coffee beans and grind them myself.  If I had a roaster, I probably roast them myself.  However, I might stop short of actually going to Columbia to buy it myself (thanks, Juan Valdez!).

I have to admit my taste for variety in coffee drinks has broadened–a little.  I do enjoy one of those cold shots a couple times a year, or I might sweeten my joe with pure sugar every blue moon, but I always come back to that pure black hot nectar of the coffee cherry.  You just can’t beat the basics.

That little axiom holds true for every area of life, doesn’t it?  Variety is great, but you can’t appreciate variety unless you have a firm grasp on the basics.

I mean, you can’t just immediately play a complicated piece of music without an intimate knowledge of the basic principles of music and of playing your instrument.

You can’t just jump into the deep waters of spiritual maturity without putting in time in the wading pool of the basics of faith.

You can’t build a townhouse without having built a few birdhouses first.

The basics are critical for your growth, whether it’s in your career, hobby, your spiritual disciplines, your marriage, or with any other life skill.

Don’t minimize the training your job may require to stay sharp in the basics of your profession.

Discipline yourself to revisit the basics from time to time in key areas of your life, like your marriage and your spiritual development.  The basics are what you build on, and you sure want to have a solid foundation.

Meanwhile, I think I’ll have another coffee…


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