Which iPhone Is Right for Me?

So you’re anticipating the release of Apple’s newest version of smartphone.

If you’re like me, your level of enthusiasm is a bit tempered this time around. Sure, the release of the iPhone 8–or iPhone X, iPhone Edition, or whatever it will be called–will be a major event in the tech world, and I’m excited about the event. However, I’ve been wondering if the wait will be worth it.

Apple will almost certainly be releasing an upgrade to the 7 and 7 Plus at the same event, the 7S. The question is, do you go for the 8, or do you opt for the 7S?

Rumors say the 8 will sell for $1000 or $1200, offering two memory sizes: 128G and 256G. It will come with iOS 11 and the typical tech tweaks Apple standardly makes–faster processor, better camera, better battery life, etc.

The 7S will get the usual tweaks as well, along with the latest OS, but will be at a lower price point.

As far as appearance and feel, the 8 is said to have an edge-to-edge screen and will fit size-wise between the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, yet has at least the screen real estate of the Plus…maybe slightly larger, according to some rumors.

From photos purported to be of the iPhone 8, the physical appearance is somewhat modified from earlier versions. In addition to the edge-to-edge screen, it likely will have a glass back as well, replacing the aluminum body. This will allow for wireless charging, a feature many iPhone aficionados have been hoping for.

From other reports, it seems the 7S will also have wireless charging capabilities. Both models will retain the lightning port that provides wired charging and connection for the  included earbuds.

It comes down to personal preference. Many will snag the latest iPhone no matter the price, the wait time for actual delivery, or potential bugs. I can see the lines forming now. Others, like me, are going to go with the 7S.

Concerning the iPhone 8, this go ’round I’m taking a wait and see approach. The 7S appears, from all reports so far, to be just fine for me. I’ll be moving up from a 6S, so the 7S will provide some cool new bells and whistles that will suffice. I can wait to see if the 8 is all that, and keep a little extra coin as well.


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